Saturday, 28 July 2012

YHA, legs shaving and how to pull a perfect 1/2 shot

So… long time again. I didn’t have an Internet connection so had to depend on coffee shops with WiFi (which wasn't a bad idea at all).
Anyway, I’m back to work. It’s hard to call it a work as I (mostly) watch TV and drink lots of cups of instant coffee (awful). But... I’m catching up with all the mystery dramas ever produced:
6:00pm: Heartbeat (I actually cried when Maggie got a new job and moved out of the village)
7:00pm: Angela Lansbury – the smartest women in the universe (Murder she wrote)
8:00pm: the smartest man in the universe (Poirot)
9:00pm: Lewis – I have a crush on DS Hathaway (not exactly Ed Miliband, but... )
So I have a really, really, really busy schedule.

Well... a little about my short break in Wales. It seems so long ago, but it was lovely. I didn’t do anything I usually do on my breaks. I didn’t have a lie in, didn’t shave my legs, didn’t read in bed with a cup of coffee.... oh no, nothing like that. The first day I actually did almost 10 miles coastal walk in the rain and I enjoyed it!!! (I got lost, but never mind... there was a happy ending after all). The next day was full of surprises:
1.      I painted a cup that I could use in my coffee shop (well... it’s a nice thought)
2.      I swam in the sea and (surprisingly) didn’t worry about my unshaved legs and the fact that I looked like DDR swimmer (only fatter). It was bloody cold!!!!
3.      Most important! I had to admit I was wrong after a discussion about an espresso and a half of it (I won’t go into details, don’t ask...)

Hmmm.... it was a really good day, but (like I said in my previous post) staying in hostels gives the opportunity to meet cool people (because only cool people, like me, stay in hostels!!!) and sometimes (unlike I said in the previous post) it's actually nice to stay in touch.

PS The word “actually” is actually my favourite (this week anyway ;))  

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