Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Night time thoughts...

Sometimes I forget about this place somehow. I feel like I should apologize but after all it's my blog and I haven't signed any contract saying that I will be writing on regular basis... but even so I am sorry for keeping those who are still here waiting.

Again, I don’t want to start telling you what I have been up to since last time because I don’t really remember. Nothing major’s happened really.

On the 1st of December I decided to lose weight and do a little bit of a detox at the same time. I’ve found this really good one week detox program but God it was even hard to read through never mind attempting to do it. I was quite ok at the beginning but right now I’m sitting with honey vodka coffee and a box of plums in chocolate. Great!!! I will start again in the new year, too much nice food around Christmas time even if you are working. Yes, I will be working Xmas but there is nothing I can do about it.

My news of the day is probably organizing my next year trip to Lisbon. I had about 6 days annual leave still to take before the end of March and (as I was late doing so) I didn’t have much choices of when to take it. Anyway I have a week off in February and fancy going somewhere. Hmm... I always fancy going somewhere but never have time or money or both. But if you are on facebook then you would know by now that I’m a genius and managed to ‘organize’ a 4 day trip to Lisbon for about £60. I didn’t think of going there at first. I was just looking for cheap flights in general and Lisbon happened to be the cheapest one. Then I went on my favorite hostelworld website and then it was just dead easy. I must say I’ve never stayed anywhere for less than £7 a night including breakfast but I’m excited!!!   

What else… I can only think about a limited amount of days back so please be patient with me…

I had an Insanity workout earlier today which was great as usual. It’s hard and it’s enjoyable. I actually see the difference in the way I look which makes me really happy. So if you want to try - come along, for details have a look here

I’m starting working nights tomorrow so trying to keep myself awake as long as I can although I might not be too successful as I had to get up at 5:30 this morning. Never mind I will survive somehow. Don’t really have much choice.

How are you guys??? I'd really like to how (roughly) who is still here so PLEASE leave me a comment even if it’s only a short message, even if it’s just your name. Thanks in advance.   

I was also thinking about changing a ‘design’ of my blog. I must update few bits and bobs but I still like the bit about coffee and a coffee shop so probably leave it for good old times’ sake.

Ok folks I’m getting weary and want to post it before I’ll fall asleep (honey vodka coffee works magic if you can’t sleep). It’s a tradition now that I play you something at the end of each post so here… ‘One of these days’ by Gloria from my favorite episode of ‘Tru Calling’. Enjoy!    

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A little bit about everything...

I'm not doing overly good with my blog. Lack of time is my excuse ;).
I own you all an explanation about my facebook farewell. Well... I noticed I was spending to much time on it so decided to remove the app from my phone and use fb at home only. I do apologize if I confused anyone. I will try to write more often over here rather then on facebook and give people a choice of not reading my stuff if they don't want to. I hope that makes sense, a little at least.
So.... I've been working a lot and not much is going on. (This post is going to be so boring).
I had an interesting conversation with colleagues about differences between English men and for instance Polish ones. I've been dating a number of people and everything was pretty much straight forward with most of them except English blokes. Dating Brits is like having 2 relationships. One is in real world and the other is via txt/messengers/emails. In real world you go for a coffee and talk about weather and on line you almost have sex. I understand that it's easier to write things than say them but come on... it's confusing. Well... I don't get it anyway.
Ok, enough about this. I'm still single and I like my own company and if I find someone who I like to spend my time with more than spending it with myself, I might think of changing my status. I think it's a great definition of a good relationship. Someone I know described his marriage in very similar way and I found it so pure, simple and beautiful. But right now I don't understand opposite sex.
What else? Did anyone read "Life and fate" by Grossman. I borrowed it from the library after it being mentioned in "I am China" that I read now. I love reading a book which "talks" about other books. There is nothing better than doing a new TBR list while still reading.
Another news, I'm giving up coffee!!!! I need a detox so I'm exploring different herbal and green teas. So far so good except of headaches but it should not last long. I know this blog started as coffee blog but at the moment it's all over the places. I do apologize for that but I will just wait and see...
Ok, I am going to sleep now.
Almost forgot to "play" you some music. Hmmmm...... talking about relationships, there are 3 songs and each one make me think of a different man that was somehow important to me.
So now... one of these songs for you to enjoy. It was so many covers but I picked this version (It's cheesy but rather nice).
"At times I think we're drifters
still searching for a friend
a brother or a sister
but then the passion flares again..."
Good night x

Friday, 1 August 2014

Feels like an introduction...

Welcome in 2014...
God... it's been such a long time since my last post. I don't even know if anyone still reads it but a warm welcome to those who do. I also welcome those who are here for the first time. I started this blog about 2 years ago but I have been really inconsistent. It gets worse with time. Anyway it's a place where I moan and feel sorry for myself. Well... not very often but this can happen.
Anyway about the blog...
(I don't really know why I give so much introduction, but probably because I feel like I'm doing something new).
I try to keep it bilingual but (warning!!!) my English is not perfect and I do make mistakes. So... each post should be in English and Polish but it's not an exact translation. Ok, I have a feeling I wrote this already once here when I started writing in English as well as in Polish.
Wow.... I don't know where to start. Soooo many things has changed in my life since last year. Just to keep it nice and simple.
- I have moved house
- I have a new job (I did mention that last time)
- I fell in love
- I've been dumped
- I'm rubbish in keeping in touch
- I still do wild swimming
- I've been drinking last two weeks and don't think straight at the moment
Ok, a little bit more...
I still live in Bury St Edmunds but in a different place. It's a nice big room with a nice big bathroom. I can't even say much more as after living like a gipsy for so long I don't get emotionally attached to houses.
Job is great, I like it, like the people I work with, but it's a "normal" work-home, work-home, work-home, day off, day off type of work. It's great but.... you know exactly what's missing. Still, I'm not complaining, not yet....
Love life.... ok, now I'm going to complain!!! Hmmm... maybe not. I can only say that all my life (so far) I've been falling in love with wrong people. Ok, now it sounded like I have been really unhappy most of it. That's not true. First of all I've been single most of my life and I like it. I like spending time with myself, I'm happy on my own and I don't religiously search for Mr Right. So... although nothing has worked out so far and I'm slightly "mad as hell" at the moment I know it will pass and the good memories will stay, especially as I had a great time.
Swimming, although I still do it, hasn't been so great. I think it's because I just don't have time to visit different places so I tend to swim in the same river (river Cam). This is a "normal" life: on my day off I do laundry and clean and do shopping and God know what else. And  there is ALWAYS something to do. I miss those days when on my days off there was absolutely nothing I had to do. Sometimes I feel like that:

Of course I exaggerate a little hehe, but you know what I mean. For instance I need to go, need to be up at stupid o'clock in the morning. No Polish version today, only a song but a GREAT song!!! Enjoy!!!