Sunday, 14 September 2014

A little bit about everything...

I'm not doing overly good with my blog. Lack of time is my excuse ;).
I own you all an explanation about my facebook farewell. Well... I noticed I was spending to much time on it so decided to remove the app from my phone and use fb at home only. I do apologize if I confused anyone. I will try to write more often over here rather then on facebook and give people a choice of not reading my stuff if they don't want to. I hope that makes sense, a little at least.
So.... I've been working a lot and not much is going on. (This post is going to be so boring).
I had an interesting conversation with colleagues about differences between English men and for instance Polish ones. I've been dating a number of people and everything was pretty much straight forward with most of them except English blokes. Dating Brits is like having 2 relationships. One is in real world and the other is via txt/messengers/emails. In real world you go for a coffee and talk about weather and on line you almost have sex. I understand that it's easier to write things than say them but come on... it's confusing. Well... I don't get it anyway.
Ok, enough about this. I'm still single and I like my own company and if I find someone who I like to spend my time with more than spending it with myself, I might think of changing my status. I think it's a great definition of a good relationship. Someone I know described his marriage in very similar way and I found it so pure, simple and beautiful. But right now I don't understand opposite sex.
What else? Did anyone read "Life and fate" by Grossman. I borrowed it from the library after it being mentioned in "I am China" that I read now. I love reading a book which "talks" about other books. There is nothing better than doing a new TBR list while still reading.
Another news, I'm giving up coffee!!!! I need a detox so I'm exploring different herbal and green teas. So far so good except of headaches but it should not last long. I know this blog started as coffee blog but at the moment it's all over the places. I do apologize for that but I will just wait and see...
Ok, I am going to sleep now.
Almost forgot to "play" you some music. Hmmmm...... talking about relationships, there are 3 songs and each one make me think of a different man that was somehow important to me.
So now... one of these songs for you to enjoy. It was so many covers but I picked this version (It's cheesy but rather nice).
"At times I think we're drifters
still searching for a friend
a brother or a sister
but then the passion flares again..."
Good night x