Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Year... again...

Hi guys, long time not seen eh?

I really should change all my personal info over here as hardly anything is in date but I'll do it at some point in life.

Welcome... again!

Few weeks ago my boyfriend suggested I sign up for a 10k race. During the next 10 min my thoughts were fluctuating between: "Yeah, I can do it" through: "I need to sign up now or I will find an excuse for not doing it" to: "Jesus Christ!!!". But I did sign up and now it is the time to do something about it. Some training will definitely help as I can barely ran 5k but also loosing some weight would be beneficial. I'm not much of a person who counts every calorie, I'm a person who doesn't think at all about what she eats. I love food and can't help it!!! Unfortunately I made this awful realisation that my diet contains: caffeine (of course), carbs (mostly white bread) and sugar! YAY!!!

So this is to new year, new me thing... I really need to change something! I decided to share it with you lovely people as it might help me to stay motivated. We will see...
Of course I could post my progress on Facebook but it's more private over here and it's not obligatory to read it. Soooo....

After 14h shift I did a "healthy" shopping. Some fruits, veg, brown rice, natural yoghurt, nuts, oats etc. Also downloaded some running app on my phone.
Now... I'm finishing a bottle of wine and while munching on some nuts and chocolate. I don't want to have any temptation left :)

And I will be posting a song by the end of each entry because that's what I've always done and I like it. So... today "Chess" and lovely Kerry Ellis. Enjoy!

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