Friday, 22 January 2016

Newnham Riverbank Club

Yesterday was Grandmother’s Day and my Name Day. I didn’t celebrate or anything as hardly anyone over here understands what a Name's Day is. Also, I slept most of the day in order to be more or less awake at work. I finished my shift after 7am and everything was frozen. It looked lovely so decided to visit one of my favourite swimming spot – Newnham Riverbank Club.
For those who know me it should not come as a surprise. I do like wild swimming and quite frankly there is not much around here but river Cam. The problem is the entry to the river. It is terrible in most places. Well… getting in the water is ok but getting out… that’s a completely different story. You are ok if you’re familiar with climbing and if you don’t mind being cover with mud. I was struggling for a long time until I’ve heard of Riverbank Club in Newnham. Apparently it is quite old, I don’t know. Anyway it’s a lovely place. Lot’s of grass to relax in summer and wooden steps/ladder into the water. Great!!! No more mud and climbing!
I’ve been a member for over two years now and I love it. Don’t quite remember how much is the yearly fee, something around £20, which gives you unlimited access to the club grounds. They recently changed the gate and it looks quite posh.

Yeah, I spent hours over there. Swimming, reading, eating, sleeping on the grass (in summer of course), watching full moon on few occasions, dragging my boyfriend to watch full moon with me etc.
So yesterday seemed like a good day to get there and swim a little. Actually I wouldn’t call it swimming; it was more like a longer dip. It was freezing but refreshing somehow. And it looked absolutely amazing.

Ok, I'm going to bed now, another night shift to come. Lullaby seems appropriate right now ;)



  1. That sounds like a wonderful oasis of calm. You mentioned Name Days. I've known about them for many many years but that's possibly because I have so many friends from places other than Britain. You're right I think - not many people here do know about Name Days. I think I might try and make people a little more aware.

    1. Lovely hearing from you, Graham!
      Riverbank Club is a wonderful, calm place indeed.
      Name Days are very popular in Poland and lots of people celebrate them more than Birthdays.