Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year!!!

Happy New Year folks!!!

It's this time of the year when everybody talks about the past year and makes plans for the new one…
So I’m sitting in my bed, drinking coffee, stuffing my face with chocolate, feeling generally happy…
I had a relatively good year, better than I thought it’s going to be even though I haven’t progress when it comes to my job, haven’t progress when it comes to my marital status, haven’t progress at all really… I haven’t done anything significant, anything that changes one’s life, anything overly important...
But then I’ve tried to be a good person in general, worked hard to pay bills, enjoyed myself when I could, swam in cold rivers and lakes, worked hard to get in shape, read books, watched films, got drunk, had sex, spent time with family and friends, met new people, lost contact with some old friends etc… I guess it’s a life. I don’t expect anything extraordinary to start happening from tomorrow. I’m working tomorrow and it’s going to be all the same. I don’t make plans anymore as I don’t keep them anyway and if something happens it happens. I can only hope it’s going to be good.

And this is what I wish you all: don’t make plans, don’t worry, don’t analyze to much, if something has to happen it will happen, and when it happens then you deal with it, live your life, enjoy it, do something new, do something old that you like, eat chocolate, do some workout, read a book, laugh, be happy and be a good person. And frankly… we can’t control much more than that.

'Auld Lang Syne' for you guys

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